TomJ's unmentionables.

Some of this stuff is very old, and doesn't meet modern standards for HTML.

Here's a quick mention of my boyfriend Josh Stehlik, who has been underrepresented on this site.
2350, 2360 Allesandro St, Los Angeles.
Alvin Orloff has done a wonderful page about Diet Popstitute, who really did transform San Francisco queer life as Alvin says. Alvin is too modest to point out that he too was a major Popstitute contributor. I miss Diet very much!
First pass at documenting my AMC and Rambler cars, documentation and trivia.
A very brief mention of my friend Ed Grothus and his Black Hole.
My friend Greta Snyder's punk rock dating game, in Adobe Director (huge).
Photos of our dogsMolly (Peruvian Hairless Dog) and Dart (xoloitzquintli).
(REALLY OLD, I'LL PUT UP MORE PHOTOS OF TROUBLE LATER) Photos of our dogs Trouble (Chinese Crested Dog) and Molly (Peruvian Hairless Dog).
A brief story of the Shred of Dignity warehouse on Shipley Alley in San Francisco, way back when. (1993)
A brilliant and succinct description of group social phenomena.
Deke Motif Nihilson's WWW page, good texts from various people.

Vuk Cosic's VUK.ORG (or VUK.ORG) website. I've spent more time here than nearly any site anywhere. It's got actual subtlety (not easily imagined on the www). Pretend it's a book and read carefully. (NOTE: major server crash, Dec99/Jan00)
Andrew Hodges' Alan Turing website. Hodges is Turing's biographer, an uppity gay man and mathematician himself. An excellent treatment of Turing as a whole person.
The University of San Francisco, Arts Department has an amazing student-created page of atomic pop-culture ephemera. The home page says that this site will go away soon, and no one is credited with the work, and it hasn't changed in years. Since it would be a terrible shame if it disappeared, I copied the entire tree of files here, if the above link dies. Please note it is entirely unorganized, you will have to poke through the raw directory to see the files. If/when the USF page dies I'll fix this up.

These are things from my original 1993 web site; some of them actually date from my 1992 gopher site (if you even remember gopher). They're not necessarily that interesting, they're just old, but I can't bear to part with them.
TomJ's SouthWest travelogue.
A brief moment when I was two. (1994)
Some works by WS Burroughs, Hakim Bey, Richard Loranger, and others.
Two paragraphs on anarchism by Paul Goodman I point fools to.
Various kinds of shits endemic to the U.S. (Jul97)
A famous fag punk with a famous computer. (1994)
An early, miserable attempt at a VR heads-up display. (1994)
Remains of Automatic Dogmatic Logic, aka, right before I sold the domain name! (Dec97)
What is a flag, burning, and who cares, anyway? (1995)
The infamous and now irritating (to me) TOILET CAM HOAX revealed and explained -- even to idiots who WONT DELETE OBSOLETE LINKS! (1994)

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