Josh & Tom's dogs

(This page is new (April 2002) and existing scattered dog pix and such will get moved here. As always, it could take years (really).)

Josh & I have two dogs: Molly, a Peruvian Hairless Dog, and most recently, Dart, a Xoloitzquintli ("xolo"). Molly was born around 1 January 1996 and Dart on 1 February 2002. As I write this Dart is just a baby, and doesn't even know his name yet. Molly has a huge vocabulary (read-only of course), and knows all about everything there is to know (her version, not mine).

Both are odd dogs; it's early yet for Dart, but the votes are all in on Molly. Molly is very, very high-strung, demanding, intelligent but nearly perfectly behaved. When she's mad at you she takes one thing out of the trash (newspaper, etc) and leaves it out on the floor. She sings (eg. coyote-like howl) when you do, and is generally very talkative, like a siamese cat, yow, ooo, moo, woo woo woo, etc.

Dart is still a baby, and doesn't yet do much besides sit in your lap, eat, sleep, and torment Molly. He (and his sister) were born without tails, there's not even bone in there, just a little fleshy stub with hair on the very end of it. He's otherwise totally hairless uxcept for the black mohawk, and a few whiskers on his lower lip that will likely grow out to look like his father, Roo. Dogs are born with functional survival skills, like following you on your heel (literally) and sings when Molly does.

Here are some random pictures. As you might imagine we have hundreds of dog pictures, I won't subject you to many.

We just built a house out of a derelict commercial building (not for the faint-hearted, bureaucracy-wise...), and this shot of Molly dancing for Josh was basically pure luck. It is typical Molly though.

Molly was quite happy being the only dog, and on the ride back from picking Dart up from the woman who raised him she was most displeased (I went to kiss her to appease her, she closed her eyes and turned her head away from me...). However, the next day they were playing, which mostly consisted of Molly pummelling Dart with toys; being a puppy this was most thrilling, since he didn't realize that her initial social-domination moves (mouth in pup's ear, challenge sort of stuff) was rude, it was just some vast game.

OK so I lied, here I pummel you with more dog pictures.

We took these photos when we visited our friends Michael and MaryLynn in Tucson. Their dogs are Sugar, Zsa Zsa and the hair-impaired Wanda. We didn't have Dart then.