2350 allesandro property history (Dean Lanza)

updated 25 june 2019

the previous occupier of 2350 Allesandro was Dean Lanza, a custom bike painter, who apparently painted Peter Fonda's motorcycle in the movie EASY RIDER, as well as notorious local biker fame.

over the years we've had people with connection to the place during Lanza's reign here. a guy named Dirty Water, so-named he says after he dumped so much chemicals into the LA River (just down the street) that it turned the river various colors.

years later another visitor told me about how as a kid of maybe 8, 10, he came here with his biker father to hang out at the shop, and that it was an open secret that they were making speed (methamphetamine) in in the place. there were all sorts of weird burn rings on the concrete floor...

dean was also a packrat. after he died rail containers full of stuff, old VCRs etc, were sold off, long before we got here. we inherited a junk car, piles of tires, and some barrels of solvents and tar. all the bike stuff was gone of course.

recently met the son of the man who, as ABC Leathers, made leather racing suits and jackets, and some for the movie EASY RIDER, as well as one of Evil Kneivil's suits. foudn this one reference to ABC Leathers on the net: NostalgiaOnWheels.com, ABC Leathers mention. "The back of an old ABC Leathers jacket I used to own and wear while riding my 1956 T-110 Triumph. Bates bought ABC Leathers in the late 60s."

from Classic American Iron blog/magazine a brief summary of dean's work (an offline snapshot here to ward off dead links).

facebook post from 2012 about bike photographer Cliff Vaughs, Lanza gets a couple of mentions, including one if his kids, with URL for bike photos.

here's Jody Lanza's Dean Lanza photo page. eventually Flikr will die, or something, and all of the photos they lock away in their bad code will disappear. i was unable to snapshot even a PDF of the main page, not that i want to violate the owner's copyright.

the anonymous workbench behind the trike in the top left photo is exactly like the one i have in my shop now, that was left behind because it's so damned heavy (sheet steel top). my mill and grinder live on it. it was that rusty, military-surplus putty green, and encrusted, i scraped it and painted it iron oxide red.