Various datasheets and catalogs

The following are catalogs that will not be scanned. They're too specialized or difficult. The only one of general interest is TI Integrated Circuits Catalog, but it's hard-bound with tiny margins and many, many pages. Indexing it all terrifies me.

NOTES: "no ZIP" in the date column means there is no date, but the address has no ZIP code, which came into use around 1963. When the pub date is "1959" it means it was published in 1959, or not -- many of the catalogs have a date stamp of when it was originally received and filed and I used the stamp-date for undated materials, so it means its that year or earlier. (Some of the "1959"-stamped materials had publication dates as old as 1950, so "1959" really is ambiguous.

Allen B. Dumont Laboratories, oscilloscope brochure ?no ZIP   2 Model 401A brag sheet
Allen B. Dumont Laboratories, oscilloscope brochure ?no ZIP   2 Model 425 brag sheet
Allen B. Dumont Laboratories, oscilloscope quick ref 1959   8 the classic stuff
Allied Radio, supplement 1959 172 48 the full line
American Metal Hose Div., American Brass Co 1958 TC-101 16 Stainless/teflon flex connectors, uninteresting, good "lab" photos
Associated Missile Products Co, MATE 100 series automated test equipment 1959   14 MATE series automated test equipment short form
Burr-Brown, potted black bricks 1966   14 short form, specs, alas, no pinouts
Burroughs Corp, Beam Switching Tubes and Nixie Instruments 1959   4 Brief specs on decade counter modules DC-101 etc
Burroughs Corp, calculators 1958   ~12 Brochures of calculators, one in *exact* same color scheme/style of Friden
California Chassis Co 1959 59-60 20 Stock chassis etc, part nummbers, drawings, specs. Great logo
Charles Bruning Co, papers, cloths and films for engineering 1962     data and prices
Charles Bruning Co, papers, sensitized reproduction materials 1961     data and prices
Charles Bruning Co, Reproduction equipment catalog 1965   64 Diazo, copiers, etc, shop and office reproduction, plus price sheet. Good graphics
Cutler-Hammer, military switches ?no ZIP EA-168 12 Military positive action switches; limited data, pretty graphics
E. F. Johnson, electronic components 1954? 1984? sheesh 984 16 Age-old E.F. Johnson... tube sockets, air caps, coil stock, etc
Electric Auto-Lite Co, magnet wire 1959 C-609 28 SCC, DCC, enamel, paper, square, Formvar, etc. Brand specifications
English Electric Valve Co Ltd, special electron tubes 1980-1981   110 power, transmit, receive, electro optical, CRTs, detectors, pus substitution data
Fairchild/Dumont Laboratories, oscilloscopes and cameras 1963 129 16 photos, specs, etc
Friden, Inc, calculators 1962   ~40 total binder of 50's color brochures, classic graphics and photos, plus letter from distributor
G. M. Giannini Co, aerospace components 1959   30 Short form plus specs, aerospace/missile accelerometers, gyros, ducers, probes, etc. Instrument numbers covered: Accelerometers 244117, 24113, 24128, 24132, 24142, 24144,24145; Gyros 3211, 3416, 36128, 36129, 36628; Ducers 45154, 45176, 451212, 47144, 47145, 47146, 47152, 46119Y, 46129, 46155, 461221; Probes & vanes 49127, 2891, 25512, 2519.
Gruen Lighting, commercial light fixtures 1959   ~20 drawings, specs, prices of many light fixtures
Heathkit, Inc ?no ZIP   98? Full catalog, missing covers. All-transistor stereo!
Luxo Lamp Corp 1964 A-401 - A420 20 Professional desk lighting
McCarty Co, advertising dog'n'pony brochure ?no ZIP   ~30 Great! graphics, top-notch stock, exc cond, peculiar opening quote: You make them say: 'How well he speaks'. I make them say: 'Let us march against Phillip'. HUH?!
McGraw-Edison, HV DC energy storage caps 1972 69033 14 short form, specs, app notes
Microwave Associates 1960? SF60 16 TR tubes, magnetrons, duplexers, Ferrite, etc short form
M. W. Kellog Co, aerospace/missile strain gage 'ducers 1952     app note/article reprint, good photos
NIFE Inc 1950 Bulletin 1-1053-E 20 NiCd battery characteristics
Pulse Engineering, pulse transformers 1957 201 12 plus other signal and precision types
RapiDesign, Inc, drafting templates 1958   12 well, drafting templates...
Soroban Engineering, Inc 1959   10 Paper tape readers, reproducers, etc
Sprague Products Co, electronic components 1961 C-558 70 Caps and resistor catalog, specs, etc Black Beauty, mica tubs, Vitamin Q, etc
Sylvania Electric Products, Electroluminescent (EL) display devices 1960   10+ errata construction, theory, app notes
Sylvania Electric Products, molybdenum metal 1959     The wonderful world of molybdenum, manufacture, processing, specs, alloys, products, etc
Tektronix, Inc, instruments 1972   72 Full line product catalog
TI Integrated Circuits Catalog 1967-1968 no ID Approx 250 Series 54/74 TTL, Series 54/74-930 DTL (TTL in DTL pinout), Series 53/73 Modified DTL, Series 15-930/830 DTL, Series 52/72 and 55/75 Linear