Pictures of 2350-2360 Allesandro

April 2011: out of place but no place to put it: some fool drives into the front of our house.

Josh & I bought this property in February 2001. Where others see disaster we see promise. It will be our house and my workspace and possibly an income property (it's really two adjacent lots).

(Missing is a plot map which shows orientation, unfortunately, this text assumes you can see the invisible. It will be put up "soon", in the mean time there is this inaccurate hand-made plot map. Unfortunately where it says EAST is actually NORTH more or less.)

The main building at 2350 was built as a liquor store in 1921, when the railroad ran down what is now Allesandro St. The "middle" or "front" building (which is actually attached, but without a doorway 'tween) is three units, one of which was a dry cleaners. Two of them had horrid little kitchens in them, and there was one flushing outhouse toilet in back. Across Whitmore is our neighbor's building which used to be a grocery.

The other lot, 2360, has a garage facing the street built in the 1970's, an incredibly ugly and decrepit house, and in the rear a garage that was once an illegal apartment. The house we are tearing down, the rear unit will be my workspace and the front garage will be ignored for now.

In the 1960's and 1970's (timeline is hard to discern) it was nominally a motorcycle shop, and the owner, apparently somewhat of a junkyard dog type, lived in the greasy, junk-filled squalor it had become since the railroad disappeared. Apparently right before the owner died, the lot(s) were filled (filled) with junk cars, tires, boxes of crap, rotten boards, etc. The entire lot was paved over, and some of the asphalt was painted green, for that homey touch.

The major demolition and cleanup is done though the house is still standing, because I have to do some creative permitting to really use 2360. Construction will begin July 2001. We hope to have it habitable (legally) before the end of the year. Whew!

These are the bulk photos we took soon after we purchased the property; in one photo is our contractor (grey hair) and the architect we never used. The compass directions are way off, but were only to give a local sense of direction.

(There are also the other photos: cabinets.)