Model 31 Vocalizer

completed July 1999

The Model 31 Vocalizer is a component of the Story Teller federation; it utters speech when provided with a stream of encoded phonemes, usually, but not necessarily, from a long reel of perforated paper tape.

The Model 31 Vocalizer speaks English phonemes, words, sentences, and programmatic gibberish. In oak, Micarta and brass, it utters speech and sounds in a clear but often unintelligible voice. The sole controls are for volume and speed, the latter controlling how slowly each phoneme is spoken. Glass-jeweled lamps decode each phoneme ("HEH-ELL-OW"); and with the speed control, allow for disturbing deconstruction and destruction of communication.

The Model 31 Vocalizer is part of the Story Teller system, where it can be seen in an installation/performance. Technical information is available there also.

Mixed media (wood, brass, phenolic, electronic components), 14"w x 7"h x 8"d, approx. 12 lb.