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In the late 1990's LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) had a public web server running on what later turned out to be a classified machine. I don't think any security breach occurred, but one day the machine simply disappeared. I wrote to the webmaster (back when you could do such a thing) who told me an audit discovered this alarming state and it was shut down.

Luckily I'm a packrat and occasionally use 'wget' to snarf down the contents of a website. This is one of those times. The images aren't anything exclusive, just a good set directly from the horse's mouth...

Test able
Test annie1
Test annie2
Test apache
Test apple ii
Test apple
Test arkansas
Test aztec
Test baker
Test bee
Test bighorn
Test blackfoot
Test bluegill
Test bluestone 1
Test bluestone 1
Test boltzmann
Test bravo
Test cactus
Test c
Test chama
Test charlie 1
Test charlie 2
Test chetko
Test climax
Test dakota
Test d
Test dog1
Test dog2
Test dog3
Test e
Test fizeau1
Test fizeau2
Test fox
Test franklin
Test galileo
Test george1
Test george2
Test greenhouse
Test grable
Test harry
Test hornet
Test how
Test kepler
Test kingfish
Test king
Test kiwi-TNT
Test met
Test mike1
Test mike2
Test mohawk
Test moth
Test nambe
Test newton
Test oak
Test santa fe
Test seminole
Test starfish 1
Test starfish 2
Test shasta
Test simon
Test smokey
Test socorro
Test stokes
Test sunset
Test swanee
Test tesla
Test trinity 1
Test trinity 2
Test truckee
Test umbrella
Test union
Test yeso 1
Test yeso 2
Test yukon