Burroughs Nixie additional datasheets

Here are a few random datasheets that don't quite fit in the rest of the tube database scheme. These are courtesy David Forbes (www.cathodecorner.com) and will eventually be worked better into the indices (that's dictionary for more than one index).

See Nixie datasheets and the more general electron tube database for more information.

Devices B4081, 7977, 7009, B4021
Devices B6844A, 8037, B5031, B5092, 7153, B6033, B6091
Devices B8091, B7904
(PDF) Devices 5870S, 5870ST, 5870SF, 5870TF, 5870L

Devices B-5971, B-8971, B-7971 Alphanumeric (13, 15 segment)