Burning Man, Carbon Dioxide theme camp

This page is mostly vestigial, having been replaced by the Carbon Dioxide Camp site. This is still where I upload images though since that site doesn't have a photo album feature, and I hate removing working links.

Here is the Bob Stahl's 'Temporary Desert Structures', currently hosted on geocities, which is poised to disappear. Hence the safe-keeping copy.

Here is the Burning Man official site in case you're too fucking lazy to type it in.

Our PVC quonset hut design, that has weathered two years on Black Rock, and one year at Singularity.

Here's Mykl's CO2 mascot images in various sizes.

CO2 photos

Here's a few pictures of Tom & Josh in 2005, and in 2006. 2007 came and went. Eventually of course there will be 2008. Here's the 2007 Singularity/Dark Skies regional in Primm, Nevada, and Gregg's 2007 Black Rock pictures.u Emily's 2007 photos are here and there.

We have a mailing list and it is here but even better is the forum on the Carbon Dioxide Camp site.