Putting a Ford T-5 transmission onto an early Rambler six

There is one (1) choice of manual transmission for the early Rambler six: the Borg Warner T-96, described elsewhere. Though reliable enough if you do not abuse it (by 1960 standards, keep in mind) it's fairly terrible overall. (The overdrive model has it's own virtues however.) The T-14 will fit the bellhousing and clutch, and is not a bad transmission at all -- "late model" (OK, 1968) and synchromesh in all gears. But for the effort involved in fabricating a driveshaft, there's no real gain substituting one hard-to-find part for another.

The Borg Warner T-5 however is common as hell, has been in production for 20 years, and is an easy junkyard find, and has a huge aftermarket. Five forward speeds, 5th is overdrive. It's a wildly popular transmission to swap, and has lots of specs available.

Most people are worried about exceeding torque specs with the various models but that's not a problem behind a Nash six, so we get a bigger range of choices. See this Ford Muscle Community T-5 identification chart for an overview and specs.

Random notes to assemble into a page.

 T-96T-5 shortT-5 mid1994-up T-5
input shaft length7.0 (measured)7.187.417.85
(adapter thickness)n/a.18.41.85
bearing retainer major diam4.254.914.914.91
splines10 x 1"10 x 1-1/16"10 x 1-1/16"10 x 1-1/16"
pilot bush.746??

Ford T5 specs (this donor)

GM T5 specs (just fyi)

Mustang Depot adapter, looks best so far
part MD-401-2103

64 american with v8, has good info though

bearing retainer:
schwaller on AMCforum re: bearing retainer issues and steel replacement from "4wd Hardware"
Part Number: OAI18885.02
    * 1982-86 CJ
"T4/T5 Bearing Retainer" $36

See photo http://cars.grantskingdom.com/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=2135&g2_serialNumber=1
"The 1 on the right is the new AMC Jeep T5 retainer, the left 1 is the one off the Ford T5"
it's the base, not the tube, that interferes with TO lever.
See photos on amcforum; it's abundantly obvious if you mock up the parts and the T-96 retainer will not
have this problem shoulder. If it's usable, likely not.

javelin 401 t5, same text as above? but additional info eg. speedo cabpe

speedo cable: same as AMC t10?
speedo cable: check T150. Ford.

clutch disc: T150 (Ford trans...) has same splines (check diam and splines)

PS: T-5 will drop onto T-150 bell, clutch, etc FWIW


Q: Will T5 hang off mounting ears w/o xmember OK?
A: not a problem, less mass than T-96!

Q: How bad is tunnel clearance

Q: location of output viz. pinion angle

Q: note schwaller page re: bearing retainer issues

Q: Shifter location relative to mounting face

Q: speedo setup?

Q: clutch disc

Q: will 9" clutch clear BH

Q: TO bearing

CalPonyCar adapters
TRA-657-627 6cyl
-423 is V8 only